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Manuvision was founded in 1997. Its origins lie in the system of body treatment begun in Denmark by Erland Hartung in the late 1940s.

The Manuvision training programme was started in 2005. There are educational schools in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Barcelona.

Manuvision is one of only 6 holistic treatment systems approved in Denmark by the Danish Health Authority.

The Manuvision London clinic was opened in Kentish Town in 2016 and moved to a new clinic in Camden Town in 2021.

Per Linderoth is a Manuvision Body Therapist in Manuvision London.


Per Linderoth

Per Linderoth moved to London in 2015 having lived for many years in Copenhagen working as a body therapist, actor and theatre director. He brought the successful and highly respected Danish treatment system Manuvision to London from Denmark and had a well-established practice in Kentish Town. Being unable to offer hands-on treatments during parts of the lockdown, Per used the interruption to study and develop his understanding of trauma and its effect on the body. He also worked online with Shlomy Ofer, Human Caring giving therapy support sessions for the partners of veterans suffering from PTSD. Per has now opened a new clinic in Camden and begun hands-on treatments again.

Per has made a lifelong study of meditation and the interaction of mind, feeling and body, with a special interest in the relationship between emotions, breath, and muscular tension.

Listening to the body – that’s what Per does so well. I feel he is listening to me on the deepest level possible, from the moment I arrive to the moment I leave. His attentiveness and warmth make me feel comfortable’

Per’s patient approach is a great teacher’