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Manuvision is part of a collaborative research study of the effect of Manuvision treatments on veterans with PTSD. The collaboration is between University of Southern Denmark, The Danish National Board of Health, and Copenhagen University Hospital.

Research project for Veterans with PTSD and Manuvision Bodytherapy

In 2019 The University of Southern Denmark followed 42 War veterans with PTSD as they undertook a course of treatment at The Psychiatric Centre for Crisis and Catastrophe at Copenhagen University Hospital. All the participants received their normal course of medical and cognitive psychological treatment whilst half of them also received a course of body therapy treatments given by Manuvision therapists.

The results of the research are going to be published at the beginning of 2022, but the first analysis is clear: The participants who received the body therapy experienced a significantly bigger decrease in PTSD symptoms compared with those who didn’t receive body therapy. They reported amongst other things that they could participate in everyday activities again such as taking their children to Nursery School, reading goodnight stories, and visiting friends.

The course of the treatment for the veterans receiving body therapy consisted of 24 treatments over 6 months. The effects were monitored by researchers from The University of Southern Denmark making quantitative and qualitative surveys. The focus has been twofold: the reduction of the PTSD symptoms due to the treatments, and equally the participants capacity to handle the PTSD symptoms themselves by using the acquired tools. They also monitored how this has influenced their sense of quality of life.

More Body in The Psychiatry

PTSD is a condition which is disabling, difficult to treat and hard to live with. Surveys have shown that half of the patients with PTSD do not react positively to medical or cognitive treatment.

Therefore, there is a big interest in ways of treatment which are incorporating the body.

A Manuvision treatment is based on how it is experienced to have PTSD – in the body, emotionally and mentally.

The aim of the treatments is not focused on the symptoms disappearing but on learning to develop a new relationship with them. This is where the body is so important. The work to consciously apply one’s attention to the bodily reactions can have a long-lasting positive effect. It’s all about connecting to and understanding the nervous systems ‘fight and flight’ mobilisations and ‘locking down’ immobilisations and learning how to live with the feelings of anger, fear and depression which are linked to them.

“The Manuvision treatment is based on an overall view of the body. We are working physically with the body and are continually having a dialog with the client pursuing a heightening of the awareness of what the body contains and what it tells. This includes the breathing, the muscle structure, the emotions, the stories we tell ourselves, pain, resistance, fear, and vulnerability.

We establish a relation to the client which is not judgemental. PTSD is not an illness in our terminology but a natural reaction to a congested nervous system, this was our starting point when treating the clients in the research project,” explains Angela Jørgensen from Manuvision.


Fear and Trauma

‘This is the only treatment that has been effective in reaching fear and trauma that has been stuck in my body for years.

Of all the self-care, yin yoga, massage, acupuncture, and other treatments I have received (all effective) this one seems to reach the parts the others don’t reach!

I could never completely recover from certain injuries or let go of tensions in parts of my body that had been there for so long they felt permanent. I knew ‘the body holds the score’ I could feel it, I just didn’t know how to connect to those places as the incidents that caused the injuries, trauma or fear happened so long ago that I couldn’t access them on a physical or intuitive level to release or heal.



This treatment works in a subtle but profound way. Somehow through pressure points and deeply relaxing the nervous system during the session gave me an access to emotionally letting go – in the days after the session – which meant my body also deeply relaxed and healed.

I have healed old injuries. I am not stuck in old fears and I have been able to grieve and release old patterns in my body.This is a unique treatment – there is nothing like it anywhere in London.

Because of my work I work with people with mastery in their practice. No one else is doing what Per is doing.It has made a huge difference to me, physically and mentally and has given me the capacity to live fully, with a body free of the past.’

CEO / Founder / Coach /


I can honestly say that Per’s treatment has fundamentally changed how I deal with life, and how I view the future. I no longer feel totally overwhelmed, have energy, and also can switch to peace whenever I like. Try it you won’t regret it.’



Before starting regular appointments with Per I have been living with migraines twice monthly for over 20 years. Over that time I have tried everything I can to get to the root of them. So low were my expectations to ever find something that would help now, I started seeing Per for other physical problems, shoulder injury, lower back pain. The holistic approach of the treatment is allowing me to have a new relationship with my body, and I am, incredibly, migraine free for 2 years. I couldn’t recommend Per enough.’


Neck/Back problems

As a musician with many years of habitual tension I went to Per, because I wanted to learn from my body about how to move beyond the tensions. Listening to the body, that’s what Per does so well. He discovered deep patterns of tension in my body which we work on together to release. The use of breath is wonderful and I have learnt a lot about what pain and the subtle nuances of sensation have to teach me, through this work. And the thing I notice most, is that the work with Per continues to resonate in my body and mind beyond the sessions, and I am gradually learning to accept that the body takes the time it needs to take, it won’t be rushed. And I have started to notice important positive changes in my playing, which I’m delighted about!’


Immune system

I went to Per to get help with the exhaustion and lingering heart palpitations that I had been suffering from since having Covid. I had a series of treatments and am now feeling strong and well. I could sense how he could unblock my own system so that energy could run more freely through my body.’



I am certain that the treatments with Manuvision London have helped me navigate my way through, hot flushes, lack of confidence, anxiety and stress. I am not suffering from the symptoms so much and have a very different relationship with them if they come. I am 100% sure that my treatments have helped me navigate my way through this major change.’



The treatments have helped me find space and less fear in relation to my grief and suffering. This help has been invaluable’

ManuVision hands